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"You might not have any needs but they do."


    • We are a 30-year-old non-governmental organization.
    • Since 1992, we have supported families and children in need through providing scholarships, food, clothing, healthcare, and goods and organizing events for children.
    • We have provided tens of thousands of people with goods, thousands of people with food. In total we have delivered hundreds of thousands of provision boxes.
    • Through our continuous field research, we have been tracking people who are in urgent need.
    • We are a TÜSEV Board of Trustees Member (Turkey Third Sector Foundation)
    • Monetary help is accepted but not obligatory. We accept all donations from the smallest pencil to the largest box of clothing.
    • Through photographs we show you how your donations are being used.
    • Despite 30 years of experience, we are still as enthusiastic and excited as the first day.
    • Our managers and our experts in determining aid needs have on average 35 years of field experience. With an impressive amount of energy and enthusiasm, they lead a young and dynamic team in the field and in the office.
    • We support both the child and the mother.
    • While providing scholarships to hundreds of children and teenagers, we have also initiated social and in-kind programs that include the mothers. The mothers, who by their own account have been through many hardships, are provided with the opportunity to go out with their children, eat, drink, and have fun together.
  • Transparency
    • We periodically do home visits to people who have applied for support to our foundation. If you would like to see the people you have helped or if you would like to meet people who you could help, we will gladly arrange for you to join one of these visits at your convenience.
  • Scholarships with additional support
    • We give significant moral support to families along with financial support.
    • Mostly the child’s family is known to us. So, we make an effort to support the family by providing food and goods, while supporting the child’s social development through social activities.
  • We thoroughly care about people in need.
    • We have a team of volunteers with vast experience doing regular home visits all day long.
    • We periodically visit families in need and listen to their worries and troubles.
    • Our team elaborately reports to the Foundation the conditions in the houses they have visited: if they looked neat or messy, and even check the contents of the fridge.
    • We don’t introduce the ones in need with the ones who help, unless it is desired. Thus, creating a natural security barrier.
  • We have set an example for other NGO’s.
    • The initiative of Prof. Dr. Tahir Özgü, founder of TEGV (Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey) who also named the Foundation, led to AIP Foundation’s constitution and experience. TEGV’s work model set an example for AIP’s field experience.
  • We collaborate with several local governments and non-governmental organizations.
    • We occasionally receive support from or give support to other NGO’s and do collaborative work with them. Some examples are: “Gönül Kuşağı”, TOVAK, “Türk Eğitim Vakfı”, “Şizofrenler Derneği”, “Kadın Sığınma Evi”, “Kadın Koordinasyon Merkezi”, TEGEV.
  • We make indirect contributions to orphanages around the world.
    • Dr. Ebru Nurluoğlu, founder of AIP Foundation, personally makes aid visits to orphanages around the world. She provides arid regions with water and food. Laos, Kenya, Benin, Togo, Gana, Peru, Bolivia are some of the countries she has traveled to last year.
    • Our team at AIP Foundation voluntarily informs people who are interested about this topic.
  • We send an extensive variety of goods to Anatolia.
    • We personally deliver goods to schools in Urfa, Kars, Erzurum, etc. Thanks to projects such as “Coca Cola Kırmızı Kamyon” (Coca Cola Red Truck) we are in touch with hundreds of schools.

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