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"You might not have any needs but they do."


  • We aim to strengthen the tradition of “give and take” and the feeling of helping others, which is a part of our national identity.
  • We bring together the ones in need with the ones who could help.
  • We provide field-services for social health, health, education and improving the living standards of mothers and children.
  • Since 1992, we have provided tens of thousands of families and institutions with hundreds of thousands of provision boxes containing goods, food and clothing, and hundreds of children with scholarships in Turkey.
  • We continue our aid efforts with our volunteers from various age groups and professional backgrounds, without making any exemptions, including all people with different political or religious preferences, ethnicity or locations.
  • We have an experienced team of volunteers, who are deeply interested in people who need help, make regular home visits all day long and listen to their worries and troubles.
  • We give moral support to families in need, together with financial aid.
  • AIP Foundation conducts “Düzenli Destek Aile Programı” (Regular Support Family Program), which considers the family (children and mothers) as a whole and diversifies the support such as scholarships, food, goods, clothing, events, home visits or moral support. Thanks to this approach children and mothers socialize and chat with donor families, experience a friendly environment where they collect information and learn about convenances.

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